Failing Workers and Patients


    Ontario's home care workers provide care to seniors, adults and children with disabilities and illnesses, and people recently out of hospital who require ongoing support. It's work they care about passionately.

    Unfortunately, many workers can no longer afford their jobs.

    Already receiving low hourly wages, home care workers pay out-of-pocket to cover much of their mileage and fuel costs. They don't receive anything at all for the travel time it takes to get from one home appointment to the next.

    Many workers have found they can make more working in fast food restaurants. As a result, home care workers are leaving the sector in the thousands creating a crisis for patients who require stable and ongoing care.

    Home care workers need to be appreciated for the socially valuable work they perform in our communities. They need to be rewarded for the long hours they work and the long distances they travel between patients.

    Home care workers are overworked and underpaid, and it's led to a crisis that home care agencies and the provincial government need to solve now. Please take some time to read the stories of workers and familiarize yourself with some of the issues affecting home care in Ontario.