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    Gas prices are the lowest they've been in years! I put gas in my fuel friendly car today 78.2 cents/litre...I would like to know how many of the home care workers are still complaining now! Everyone who drives to work, no matter if that's to a building or to someone's house, has to pay for transportation. I don't know of any health care staff at my local hospital that are compensated for their gas....Seems like an unfair gripe in a time when all of us are suffering!
    How many of the home care workers have bought fuel efficient cars to help combat their costs? Or make regular repairs and check-ups to their cars to get better gas mileage?
    One last thought - do the home care workers realize they can claim all of these related expenses at tax time too? Compensation is there for those willing to look for it. I have a home care worker who is quite happy with her job/employer and she is NOT part of a union; she gets 100% of her pay - no union dues; more money for gas! Plus she drives a little Toyota Echo because it's good on gas. She's happy, I'm happy - and we're both tired of the one-sided views put out by SEIU....I wonder if this will even get posted for others to read - I have my doubts.

    November 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJust a client

    To Just a Client:

    Your worker may be a happy worker, but how happy? Maybe you think this is fair in your life time but not in mine. Most PSW's working in retirement homes and hospitals are making anywhere from 16-20 dollars an hour. They drive from point A to point B so of course the gas prices now are not going to be of concern. The gas prices however fluctuate and we never receive 100% of our cost back at tax time. My daughter works in a restaurant and with tips makes more than me for wiping tables and what do I wipe. If your girl is happy that is fine but a lot of our girls travel quite a distance and the wear and tear on the vehicle is hard also. I'm sorry to hear that you don't have that much appreciation for your worker as some do. I know from experience with my clients that they appreciate the help and feel I should receive more for my compassion and care I give. I consider them my family. I love my job but I have to raise my family, would you expect less for yours.

    November 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJust a Worker or Am I?

    To Just a Client;
    As a PSW, I really enjoy my job. The client's that I care for think of me as family. And most of the time, I'm the only person they see at all. I go to work everyday because being a PSW is very fullfilling. But that doesn't mean that I agree with how the government is treating us.
    Sure I can go work in a retirement home but that's not my choice. If I wanted to work in a factory I would. I did my placement at a retirement home and that's what it felt like to me. Their staff are given too many client's to look after and not alot of time to do it, to me that's not proper care. These girl's work very hard also with not enough time for each client. One hour is the shortest time we spend with a client. In taking the PSW course we were taught to never take away a client dignity. Well to me, letting a person stay in their own home and getting someone to come in and care for them, what better to let them keep their dignity.
    As for gas price's they go up and down just like everthing else. You say that you don't know of any hospital staff that get's paid for there gas. Now sit back and think for a moment. They drive their car to work, park it, work their shift and back home to their family. We on the other hand, go into strange home's, not knowing what were getting into. Drive in all kind's of weather(our shift's are only cancelled if the city buses are taken of the road), we work alone, no buddy system like the retirement home's. No regular schedule ( can be changed daily) No benefits. And I myself have been abused by client's. But I keep going back, because I love my job. Now one question I would like to ask you, WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN TO HAVE A WORKER COME INTO YOUR HOME, I know the answer because you feel the most comfortable in your own home. People heal better in their own enviroment. So before you put down our job's, walk in our shoe's for a while.
    I amagine what ever type of work you did ( or maybe you were born with a silver spoon) That you can honestly say you never complained. I doubt that very much. And we don't get 100% back at tax time, I don't know where you came up with that. I hope for you that your homecare worker doesn't choose to go work in a retiremnet home, where the money is better. Treat her well, it might not last. Good luck.

    November 28, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCaring PSW

    Do you know that PSW's that do home care pay more for their car insurance than those that go to a retirement home and back each day. We have to report our vechiles to our insurance companies as being use for business purposes, so we pay more for car insurance. I have also personally burnt $105.00 in two days just for work purposes. Not all our client live in urban areas. We travel on all kinds of roads in all kinds of weather taking risks to our own lives to help those in need. I have may days put more than 15o Km on my vechile in one day going to clients. That wear and tear on our vechiles cost us somethimes more than we can afford. Some of us do this for $10.00 per hour. Bythe time we service our vechiles and put gas in them our money is gone. Never mind paying our household bills and eating. Yes we can claim a % on our income tax each year but that does not give us money for day to day expenses.

    November 30, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJust another PSW

    I am very happy I am not your PSW, as you do not speak like you are a very caring individual. As all the other PSW's have stated, we do not drive directly to a job, park our vehicles for the day and there they sit. We have the pleasure of driving from client to client every day. We travel all sorts of roads in all kinds of weather and putting ourselves at risk. We put ourselves at risk in the clients home as well. we have no idea of what we are walking into. We are there on our own, many times in the middle of no where with no help in the event of an emergency. I love my job and my clients are great. However, I do feel that due to fact that we must pay more for insurance as our vehicles are for business purpose, wear and tear on our vehicles due to constant use through out the days and night as well as the stopping and starting hour after hour uses excess gas as well, I think all those things should be taken into consideration when entertaining the thought of how we should be paid, mileage, travel time, $per hour etc. I also think we should have wage parity with nursing homes. They have a buddy system, panic butons etc. in the event of an emergency. What do we have. Think about that for a while

    February 11, 2009 | Unregistered Commenter A caring PSW