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    I am a nurse with 20+ years experience, and I worked the last few years with a home health agency. I could not afford to continue working, hundreds of dollars spent on vehicle maintenance, also numerous other operating costs which were not covered by employer (fax, cell, etc)
    I loved my job, but I quit!
    It is unfortunate, I will not work as a nurse again.
    I worked for a private nursing firm, they wonder why they cannot retain staff.

    December 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterUsed to be a nurse

    I quit my job for the same reason. I loved my work, loved my clients, but as a PSW working in a rural area I could not afford the gas and car maintenance to keep going. I now work in an office for a construction company and make more per hour than I did caring for frail, sick and dying people.

    There is something wrong with our value system when caring for people is worth less than almost any other job. People are paid more to sort mail, clean houses, work on assembly lines etc. then they are to care for human beings who desperately need help.

    I don't know if the public realizes there are waiting lists for nursing homes, shortages in hospital beds - and when people can no longer afford to work in the home care field they will be responsible to care for elderly parents and other relatives.

    Maybe most of the public thinks this issue does not apply to them - but it does to everyone. You never know when you will become a homecare client. My husband was disabled in an accident in November. He is now a home care client, and the help is invaluable. His PSW gives me peace of mind and a much needed break from all the personal care. I am glad she didn't quit like I did! But maybe one day she will have to as well.

    May 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFormer PSW