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    Why Join SEIU?

    Become a member of SEIU Local 1 Canada and become a part of the fastest growing union in Ontario.

    Join the union that has been winning better living standards and working conditions for over 46,000 members across Ontario.

    Become a member of SEIU Local 1 Canada and enjoy a higher level of job satisfaction, be more productive on the job and recognized for it, and earn higher wages than non-unionized workers in the same sector.

    And there are other benefits that SEIU Local 1 Canada has brought to its workers. They include:

     1.    Drug and dental benefits
     2.    Pension plans
     3.    Better work schedules
     4.    Parental leave
     5.    Job security
     6.    Manageable workloads
     7.    Safer working conditions 
      8.   Early retirement options
      9.   Fair and equal treatment for all employees
    10.   Pay equity
    11.   Grievance procedures

    SEIU Local 1 Canada membership offers other financial benefits as well, including special discounts on home, auto and long-term care insurance, legal services, cell phone plans, lower interest rates on MasterCard, student scholarships, and much more.

    SEIU Local 1 Canada to ensure your voice is heard.

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