Failing Workers and Patients


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    "Overworked and Underpaid" - Yvette Emond

    Name- Yvette Emond

    Profession- Personal Support Worker

    Employer- Comcare

    Location- Sudbury, ON


    Yvette Emond has been a Personal Support Worker for 9 years. She has worked for Comcare in Sudbury for 5 years. Yvette loves her work and often gets attached to her clients. One reason is the intensity of the work she does. "I often get hugs and 'I love you's' from my clients because they are so appreciative of the care I give." said Ms. Emond. However, Yvette is finding it harder and harder to do her job because she is usually overworked and underpaid.


    Ms. Emond said that she is not paid travel time or mileage at Comcare, eventhough she has to use her own vehicle to go from client to client- which involves driving long distances everyday. "Driving and not getting paid for the mileage or the time is making this job too expensive". Because of the expense Yvette noted that PSWs are quitting which creates a heavier work load for her and others who have opted to stay. "Some workers are leaving to work in nursing homes, which pay a better salary. Because of this we (especially new PSWs) are pushed too hard. Many work till they become ill."


    According to Yvette, quality care falls off when workers are overworked- overscheduling by the company to compensate for staff shortages- and the client suffers.


    Yvette feels that SEIU has helped "Comcare wake up to what's happening with their workers." She said she is at the breaking point and wonders if the company really cares about home care they should treat their workers better.

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