Failing Workers and Patients


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    "If you're working in home care, it's time to get out of it or change it!"

    “The union does make a big difference in my work place. If we didn't have the union management could get away with anything, but we have a strong voice behind us so they are careful of what they do and what they say. The union is a good thing to have at your workplace. It provides you with reliability, stability and that voice you wouldn't have without a union. It shows management that there are things they can't get away with because there is a mediator there.” Marva, PSW at Belmont house for 10 years


    “As a PSW working in home care I've worked in a union and a non-union workplace. There is a big difference between these two. If you have a problem in the union workplace you can go to your steward, you can go to your union, and you can get them to work things out with management. At the end of the day you have a lot of rights because they can't just dismiss your issue. They have to deal with it. When you're non-union they don't really care they just push everything under the carpet. At the end of the day, I'm going union all the way.” Lisa Bishop, Paramed home care worker for 5 years


    “If you're working in home care, it's time to get out of it or change it! I have worked as a home care worker for eighteen years and I wholeheartedly love it. No one can pay me for loving my work. I feel proud of myself, and I feel that I am doing a socially valuable job. I have worked with people that I will never forget. They're almost like an extended family for me. Quite a lot of them have passed away, but they live in my mind. It's more than just a job and that's why I'm hanging in under relatively poor conditions. I give up a lot of my personal time for a job that I really care about, but the way that the agency system works is humiliating to us. My message to those young workers who are going into home care is that we have to change it for ourselves and for our clients! Unionizing is the only way to go. Being unionized means you have a voice.” - Althea, Paramed home care worker for 18 years


    “The best part of being in a union is that you have someone to back you up. Many home care workers feel like they're out there by themselves, but you aren't. Being part of a union means your voice is heard. Home care workers across Ontario need paid travel time, vehicle maintenance, and we shouldn't have to make client calls from our own phone. Most importantly we need respect for the work that we do.” - Susan Wheeler, Paramed home care worker for 5 years




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